Bobby Stewart


Before Now

by Bobby Stewart

Released 2014
Plan B Music
Released 2014
Plan B Music
Groove-oriented Pop/Rock that colors outside the lines.

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Album Credits:
All tracks produced by B. Stewart except: 1 & 2 produced by Joe Ferry; 3 & 4 produced by B. Stewart & Joe Ferry;
12 &14; produced by B. Stewart & B. Bauer

All songs written by B. Stewart except: 1,2,6,10 B. Stewart - T. Powell; 3,4,7,8 B. Stewart – T. Beckerman;
11 B. Stewart – A. Marvel; 12 B. Stewart – B. Bauer

All songs published by Plan B Music (ASCAP) except: 5,7,8,10 Plan B Music (ASCAP) / Sony Tunes Inc. (ASCAP) and 12 Plan B Music (ASCAP) / Blind Hog Music, Inc.

1 - 4 released on SOS Records; 5 on Reaction Volume 1 compilation; 6 - 14 previously unreleased.

Remastered by Tom Scheponik at The SoundLab @ Disc Makers from the original masters or best available source.

Design Concept: B. Stewart Typography: Sandy Hechtman
Front cover photo from “The Nightingale” (All Star Feature Corporation, 1914)

Thanks to all the musicians and singers:
Ralph Aurrichio/Bill Bauer/Tom Beckerman/Joe Bonadio/Chris Botti/Chuck Clearwater/Vinny Conigliaro/Richard Delecki/
Joe Ferry/Rick Ford/Philip Foxman/Bob Franceschini/Tom Higgins/Rusty Hudson/Ross Levinson/Andy Marvel/
Tommy McDonnell/Joe Montalto/Brendan O’Keefe/Tim Powell/Ivy Ray/Maggie & Terre Roche/Kerry Rohan/
Chris Romano/Lothar Segeler/RogerSquitero/Ron Volpe

Special thanks to: Ernest Joe Budnick for help getting this project started.
Also, special thanks to: Marcy Drexler for help getting this project finished.

Dedicated to: Joan, Elaine, Bette, Nancy and their families; Gus & Augusta; and to all friends past and present.